Down hosted Mossley 5 th at Malone Park this weekend. Down fielded a strong team with a full array of subs at their disposal.

Davey Ferris's side went on the attack from the starting whistle, with McKee winning a short corner, the initial flick from Taylor was saved by the visiting keeper, but Down's Kyle Patterson opened his account for the side with a well-placed rebound shot giving Down an early lead. Down continued to apply the pressure and some cleaver linking play between Mark Elliott and Adam McKee saw the former push the ball over the line for Down's Second.

McKee soon made it three after some great individual skill from Taylor picked out Adam on the flick spot who made no mistake.

A somewhat shelled shocked Mossley were glad to hear the halftime whistle. They regrouped and tightened their defences from the re-start. Midway through the second half Mark Graham and Chris Taylor linked well down the right hand side and their cross found Steven Ferguson who drilled the ball in for the fourth of the day. Down had been making good use of their subs bench and Gavin Ringland was brought into a high centre midfield role and soon found himself in the Mossley's Circle; Ringlands' extensive reach saw him pick up the ball from well behind him drawing it forward before unleashing a powerful shot into the right hand side of the goal. Ringland wasn't done with one goal, and in the dying minutes of the game he got on the end of a ball, which had deflected into the air from a defenders stick, while his initial shot was saved by the 'keeper he found the back of the net with the rebound.

The game finished with Down winning 6 nil; Down's defence and goal keeper are continuing to provide the strength and stability to their side with another clean sheet and allowing the talented forwards to do their job.