The scoreline says it all.

Down were outclassed on the day by a side which will romp to the Senior Two title, scoring bagfuls of goals along the way.

Relegated from Senior One last season, Armagh are no match for any side in the league and will sweep the boards when it comes to league games at their Hamilton Road ground.

Down were not good enough on the day. Tactically they were naive and no player gave a performance that was required against the title favourites.

The visitors cause was not helped by the loss of Ashley Gibson and a warm-up injury to full-back Chris Lennon who was forced to watch from the sidelines.

The plan to stifle the Armagh midfield, which included former Irish international, Julian Stevenson, went out the window when the whistle blew and while Down were under strength, there was no pride or passion in their performance.

There were no positives on the day, but things can only get better. Down will not face a stronger side this season and have to get back to winning ways at home to Parkview this weekend.

John Hewitt, who was drafted in at left back, had a torrid afternoon. He was left cruelly exposed without any cover on a number of occasions and often found himself with three men to mark.

Down's Stephen Ferguson was the only player who rolled his sleeves up and got stuck in against a side which had options all over the park.

Without Gibson and the recently transferred Philip Murray, Down lacked firepower up front and need to start rattling the backboard if they are to avoid an embarrassing season.

Armagh were four goals to the good at the interval, thanks to some poor defending and excellent finishing. Inconsistent umpiring didnÕt help their cause either.

After the break, the visitors made it tough for Armagh for the opening 10 minutes, but the home side's superior fitness began to tell and Down were run ragged.

They conceded six goals, one from a short corner that should never have been given, while the rest came from sweeping moves which cut huge swathes in the visitor's defence.

The game is now consigned to history and Down start afresh this weekend against Parkview. They will see Armagh again, but the game will be at Malone Park and the outcome will certainly be very different.